Starting a Vanpool

Easy steps to starting a vanpool

Just follow these easy steps to start a new vanpool and begin saving time, money, and stress! You can also download our Vanpool Operations Manual for more information.

Search for Other Riders

You and eight other riders are all you need to start a new vanpool (*mini vans also available). Finding other commuters who are interested in vanpooling is easier than you think! Simply visit Share the Ride NC. You may also call 1-800-588-7787.

Our friendly staff will help promote your vanpool by:

  • Providing you with flyers to post around your work and home locations
  • Posting your forming vanpool on the PART website
  • Working with your employer (and other nearby employers) to spread the word to other commuters about your forming vanpool
  • Holding promotional campaigns
  • Choose your drivers, route, and pickup/drop off location(s)

You must have a primary driver and at least one backup driver to start a vanpool.
All potential drivers must be approved by PART.

Click Here for a printable version of the Vanpool Driver Authorization to Review Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) form.

Please complete and sign the MVR form and fax it to 336-662-9253, or mail it to:

Alexa Powell
TDM Planner
Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation
107 Arrow Road
Greensboro, NC 27409

Once your drivers are approved by PART, your group determines the pickup & drop off locations and times. PART staff can help your group determine the shortest and most efficient route for your van, as well as assist with identifying pickup and drop off locations.
Click Here for a list of free Park & Ride Lots

Complete your forms and pay the security deposit

Drivers sign the vanpool lease and both rider and driver sign a vanpool driver/rider agreement. The driver pays a $300 refundable security deposit and collects the first month’s payment from each rider.

Hit the Road!

Your vanpool is ready to go! Sit back and enjoy a cheaper, cleaner and less stressful commute!

With our EMERGENCY RIDE HOME PROGRAM, you’ll never have to worry about getting home.

Questions? Call the Ridesharing office at 1-800-588-7787 or send an email to